Let Me Die a Nun is a six part series about the opposing but intersecting trajectories of a lesbian soon-to-be nun, her Jewish stalker, and the object of her affection.


Ana Fabrega
Hari Nef
Carl Kranz
Brian Richardson
Eleanore Pienta
Susan Varon
Zia Anger
Adrienne Lovette

Written, directed and produced by

Sarah Salovaara

Produced by

Rachel Wolther

Cinematography by

Ashley Connor

Costume Design by

Derica Cole Washington



"A twisted comedy about a lesbian nun and her Jewish stalker"

- IndieWire

"Darkly comedic"

- Out Magazine

"Let Me Die A Nun allows the characters to be goofy, sarcastic, and clumsy while still maintaining their humanity."

- The Playlist

"A hilarious and queer update on the nunsploitation films of the '70s."

- NewNowNext

"A team of notables are behind a forthcoming independent web series"

- Filmmaker Magazine


All photos by Marianne Barthelemy